Recommended Dentists in Bath, Somerset

Do you currently live in the Bath, Somerset area in the south west of England? We understand how hard it is to find a dental practice which specialises in treating individuals which fear the dentist and have phobias. Our industry experts recommend this dentist in bath (St. Michaels Dental Surgery, Walwyn Close, Bath, BA2 1SX) this Dentist located in Bath, specialises in treating patients which suffer from dental anxiety, and are simply terrified of the dentist. They have a range of facilities available which can help calm the patient and make their experience much better while attending a appointment, they are dedicated to making an anxious patient’s dental experience better. This dentist in Bath is currently the only practice which specialises in treating anxious patients, in the whole of Bath and the surrounding areas.

Dentist Practice in Bath

No Fear Dentist, a dental practice in Bath, offer a range of services to their patients from fillings, crowns, teeth whitening, examinations and check-ups, veneers, dentures, emergency appointments and more. This practice will ensure a warm and friendly welcoming, and will make your presence feel welcomed while in the practice, they like to build relationships with their clients and have a range of facilities available while you wait for your appointment, everything from television, coffee, wifi etc. The practice is very modern looking, affordable and ran by dental professionals which have been educated to the highest of standards.

If you are an anxious patient and require certain things, we can ensure NFD will be there to help, they have a range of anxious clients which come and visit their dentist practice on a regular basis, they have all left positive reviews on their website. The staff like to build relationships and understand the needs and requirements of the client, taking into consideration their phobias and what they are specifically scared of, so they can make your experience better at the dentist. They have TV, ear plugs, music, mirrors, stress balls, blankets and more facilities available to help you.

For more information we recommend to visit their website, we only recommend trusted dentists on this blog, we can ensure you will have a positive experience at NFD, overcoming your fears and feeling much more relaxed after your appointment.


Top 5 Techniques to Overcome your Dental Fears

I am sure you came to this blog looking for advice, am I right? Well, let’s talk about a few techniques which you can use to help you overcome your dental fears, and how to make it a much better experience for yourself 🙂

1. Don’t be shy to tell your Dentist about your fear and phobia, which you have. I can in all honesty tell you that this will make your experience at the Dentist much better, your dentist will take this into consideration and appreciate the fact you told them about your fears. They will be much more careful when dealing with your teeth, infact when we are told a certain patient has a phobia, we make sure they are happy with the procedures and we talk them through everything we will be doing in their session. We let them know how it’s going to help their teeth, how long it will take and what needs to be done.

We make sure to chat with the patient, making their presence feel welcomed in the dentist practice, and lightening their experience in the dentist. If you tell your dentist you have a fear, you will feel in control when you are sat in the examination chair, mention what you don’t like, and what you are specifically scared of.

2. Visit the dentist frequently for an examination, this sounds really silly considering you are terrified of the dentist, am I right? Well, if you visit the dentist on a regular basis, every couple of months, this will allow the dentist to identify any problems with your teeth at an early stage, avoiding major dental procedures which may happen. The more you go to the dentist for examinations and check-ups on your teeth, the less likely hood of you having a procedure. This allows gives you the chance to build a relationship with the dentist staff, visiting the dentist frequently, you will be remembered and your experience in the dentist will be a much more positive experience, considering ou are a regular customer

3. Make sure to clean your teeth on a daily basis, brush your teeth twice a night for best practice, when you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep. If you treat your teeth with care, and you visit the dentist regularly for check-ups, then you have nothing to worry about!

4. Relax, breathe, practice some relaxation techniques before you go to your appointment, or even in the car before you head on in for your procedure. Relaxing will help clam your nerves and give you the relaxation freedom  you need before your appointment, listening to music may also help during your session, ask your dentist and they will be sure to put on some music of your liking to help you chill out.

5. Tell your dentist you would prefer extra medication during your appointment, when booking a dentist session you will need to make sure your dental practice offers this option. Some dentist offer nitrous oxide, sedation services and anti-anxiety medication to help you calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed.

There we have it, a few tips to help you overcome your dental fears 🙂 Remember to stay relaxed during your appointment and stay positive, what’s the worse which could happen? Take these 5 techniques into consideration when visiting your next dentist appointment and I am certain your experience will be much more positive  during your stay. If you are seeking additional advice, get in touch with us, for more information regarding who we are, click here.


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Hello and welcome to our website, if you are a victim of Dental Phobia then you have came to the right place. This blog is dedicated to helping you overcome your fears and giving you the best possible advice when attending a dental examination, or even when your having surgery done. Feel free to browse around for the latest information, contribute to the blog if you have some useful info to give to the other members!

If you are seeking advice, looking for information, or just looking to have a chat with someone in regards to your fears, then feel free to send across a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂